Website Redesign

Website Redesign

My team and I are pleased to share this new website redesign with all of you. We’ve redesigned the site from top to bottom, with a particular focus on mobile usability, design, and ease of access to information for all of you.

We hope that the improved looks beautiful and functions well whether you’re visiting us on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or a giant desktop monitor (for all my interior designer friends).

Design is an important element in the rehabbed and new construction homes that my partners and I work on daily, and we wanted the aesthetic of our homes to be reflected on this site. The goal was a clean experience with understated elegance and some fun stylish elements. This site hits the mark.

Lastly, and most importantly, we wanted to provide a more robust resource for all of our partners and clients to use whenever they need to know more about a listing, a neighborhood, or the work that my team and I do. I’m fortunate to work with talented architects, developers, investors, brokers, and designers, as well as a diverse group of smart buyers and sellers. We wanted this site to be an improved experience for every single one of those people.

It feels like putting a new home on the market. While I understand that not everyone will love each of the small design and layout decisions we’ve made, it’s all been thoughtfully considered—and I’m proud of it.

Please feel free to share any questions or feedback with me via my new-and-improved contact page. Or just give me a call on my cell: (773) 368-3421.

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